Create Your Wellness Experience
Designed for Solo Travellers or Groups seeking a wellness experience
Are you wanting to plan a trip more aligned to inner search? Where you can have a life changing experience of health, healing, relaxation, meditation, and maybe create a routine that you can bring back home ...?
Welcome to TRUE CENTRE BALI where we take all the stress out of finding the right wellness treatments and healings for you.                     We will help you connect back to self and find what you are searching for at a very reasonable price.
Our values are aligned to honesty, fairness, true healing, personal development, love, presence, and we are here to share this with
The other thing that makes us special is that we commit to making sure all of your trip  is as sustainable as Bali permits, encouraging an eco friendly experience throughout your journey.
We will also give you different options on how to offset the carbon dioxide that your trip will emit. 


Make your healing experience a REAL one


We would love to guide you through this amazing journey of inner search and truth by offering you a 20 min free consultancy call. In this call we will understand what your dream holiday envisions and then we will make it happen for you, easy, simple and safely. We will narrow down what you are most likely to enjoy and what will be of interest at this time of your life. 


Below are listed some of the options I can guide you through. Everything we recommend we have experienced ourselves and felt it touch our lives in some true and profound way. 


Balinese healing

Energy Healing

Acupressure Indonesian Healing

Homeopathic treatment

Traditional Balinese rituals

Healing coaching sessions

Relaxation Massages

Bodywork massages

Women Circle

Tetha healing


Past Life Regressions

Reiki Circle

Reiki healing and workshops level 1, 2 and 3

Crystal Healing

Sound Healing

Auric healing Sprays

Essential oils as a complement to daily life

Vision board workshop

Creative Workshops

Art Mandala Therapy

Meditation (Beginners, Intermediate or advanced)

Silent retreats

Yoga classes (any type)

Kirtan and cacao ceremonies

Kirtan ceremonies

Understanding crystals and their functions

And many others


You are only a few minutes away from your dream holiday.