Pure Love - Healing Aura Spray

Pure Love - Healing Aura Spray

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Enhances Unconditional Love
Opens Heart Chakra to Compassion & Understanding

 Rose Quartz, Jade, Chrysoprase, Aventurine & Amazonite.

 Champaka, Ylang Ylang & Jasmine. Flowers are directly infused into the sprays.

 Venus, Jupiter, Neptune.

  • How It Works!

    Pure Love Auric Spray amplifies and harmonises love and understanding. It assists the transition from defensiveness or blockage to compassion, integration and expansion… this allows you to more easily experience unconditional love and harmony.

    Crystals used in this formula are good for working on Self Love.

    If you are feeling closed to love and understanding, this is the spray for you. It will help you open up to situations from a space of compassion and integration, as it shifts the vibration from separation and duality to oneness and love. Balipura Pure Love works on softening our defence mechanisms and allowing our most pure love vibrations to re-emerge in our daily interactions.


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