Manifest Your Retreat

Share with the world your passion

The thing that makes you most happy 

Trust your heart and have fun while you are at it

Whether you know you already have the full picture, or you are just starting out, be sure to know you have come to the right place to make your dream a reality!

At TRUE CENTER BALI we will guide you through the different options you have, and give the right tools and tips to turn your retreat into a True Wellness experience, bringing to life the essence of the wonderful, unique and energetic island of Bali, the majestic sightseeing and passion of Argentina or the calming surroundings of New Zealand.

Our intention is to make your retreat as stress free, enjoyable, and successful as possible for you and those attending!


We know that it can sometimes be an overwhelming experience to start planning your wellness venture so we have created 3 packages for you to choose from to help make your dream a magical reality.

Set Up

Full Set Up...

Is for people who have never set up and run a retreat before.  This is the full service!

We will guide you and support you step by step through your journey from designing your retreat, to planning and setting it up.


This will include personal coaching sessions as well as the traditional services we provide to help you organise your retreat in Bali, Argentina or New Zealand.  

Prices are negotiable

 USD 200 per week worked a proposal based on your specific retreat will be draft to finalize a work schedule. 

   plus 20% commission on profits


You Choose...

 The type of assistance you need.

It could be as simple as finding a location and airport transfers, to organising daily excursions and cultural events. You can mix and match from all of these options:



Furniture hire


Budget and full costing

Extra wellness sessions 

Retreat Schedule

Guidance on best Excursions

Airport Transfers and Services

Opening and Closing ceremonies

Digital Marketing

(Social Media, Marketing design, Website, Landing Page)



Is based on the options you will need assistance with. According to what you need I will draft a project proposal to finalize the work schedule.

As part of our service if you are interested, we will provide working schedules according to the time frame you envisioned for your retreat. We will also give you a variety of flavoured experiences from the location you choose to add to your retreat, and even local and international professionals that might be a great complement to the whole experience.


What makes us special is not only the experience and tools we will be sharing with you from the get go, but the way we make sure it all is as sustainable as the location permits, by encouraging an eco friendly experience throughout your journey. We will also give you different options on how to offset the carbon dioxide that your trip, and your stay on retreat, will emit. 

Below is a hint of the important questions we will go through when you first contact us. If you are unsure of the answers, don't panic, we are here to guide you until you find them!

1 - What is your retreat about? Have you chosen your main topic?

2 - How many people would you aim to have on board for your retreat?

3 - For how long would you like to run your retreat?

4 - Where would be your ideal location in the wonderful Island of Bali?

  • Touristic area

  • Isolated, immersed in the forest 

  • Closer to the majestic mountains.... etc

These are only a few of the 15 + main questions we will go through on our 20 min insightful free call.

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