True Centre Healing Sessions

There are different ways to reach your balance through daily practice and true connection to self. 


As a healer and coach I follow myself from intuition, experience and knowledge.

I am here to assist those who resonate with the path of inner work, love, compassion and the importance of the western and eastern guidance to step into their own truth and shift consciousness to embody what we truly are.


Understanding that looking at your shadow and loving it creates the acceptance you need to grow and move towards your totality.  The way you act upon a situation literally has the power to change the situation itself.

There are no magic rituals that will give you the peace of mind that you and only you can step into. 

       I offer a 20 minute free consultation

What's the purpose of this session? So we can know each other and make sure we can work together towards a life of fulfilment and blessing. I promise to be fully transparent and if I feel I should guide you to another professional,  it is part of my path to do so. 

Follow up Sessions Price

As this is part of my journey in being a bridge towards understanding yourself, I offer my sessions Koha (for those not familiar with Maori, this means donation/contribution). I believe that an energy exchange must always be involved when change and improvement within us is required, in this way we truly commit to the cause.

What you admire in others is already in you

What you judge in others is within you

Embrace every part of yourself,


And live the life you where meant to live

The shift in the collective consciousness needs to happen and are you willing to be part of it?


With Love & peace, Carpe Diem.