Let's Find Your Venue

In order to manifest your dream retreat we need to focus in one of the most important attractions, the venue. Bali venues are an integral part of what will make  your retreat special.


It has to be aligned to your values, while also offering all the comfort and resources you need for you and your participants, along with space for peaceful integration and individual time. It is possibly the most important thing to get right as it is where your group will spend most of its time. Where it is located and the surroundings too will have an impact and if you get it right it can magically enhance your retreat, therefore this also needs to be carefully chosen.


Many people wanting to run a retreat in Bali do not have the time to devote to coming over a year to 6 months before the retreat to find the exact place, and an online search is very rarely sufficient. That is why I am offering this space to facilitate this crucial task for  you. I only work with venues that are aligned to TRUE CENTER BALI values.


Fair Employment, Community Welfare, Honest Trading and Integrity

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We also commit to making sure all of your trip is as sustainable as Bali permits, encouraging an eco friendly experience throughout your journey. We will also give you different options on how to offset the carbon dioxide that your trip and participants will emit.