Turning a Vision into Reality

Helping ourselves to connect with our inner being and learn to speak our own truth could solve many of our "worries".

TRUE CENTRE BALI is meant for everyone seeking connection, inner work, understanding, peace, relaxation, fun, and adventure. The most important thing is that we are willing to grow as a human being, evolve into who we really are.

 I have been working for over 15 years in different companies and countries organizing and managing all sorts of retreats, workshops, events, concerts,  retreat centres, hotels, cafes, and restaurants, while also, of course, giving, receiving and learning several energetic healings, body work, plant medicine rituals, among others. This has allowed me to understand priorities and needs from the inside out. I can see beyond and narrow down the search to what is truly needed.


Guiding myself by intuition, knowledge and experience.  I will guide you to connect to your True Centre, connect to your true self, manifest your retreat or wellness holiday or offer to those seeking guidance the best experts I have come across in my life, those I know will help you transform your life.

Book a 20 minute free call and be willing to step into your own truth.


I am here for YOU

Evelyn Aispurua
Founder & Director

About Me

I have recently believed I already had all sorted, the way I was spiritually evolving, being conscious and aware. Until 6 months ago when I got diagnosed with Accute Myeloid Leukemia, a fast growing cancer that can kill you within weeks. I was shocked, how was that possible?

Gratefully I went under treatment in New Zealand and came out the other way with a successful health outcome. Treatment was not the only thing that really made this possible. I started working hard straight away with all my bodies, spiritual, energetic, emotional, mental and physical.

Its been a difficult journey and it is still teaching me so much. I am working hard through it, thoroughly, completely committed and fully aware that the only way is living in the present moment.


I moved to Bali with my family 4 years ago and I noticed life started happening faster and faster each day. Patterns came to my face to be resolved, or repeated, until I learnt the lesson.  Did I really learn those lessons? My general cycle of starting and leaving my practice had taken me to this point, where I could see myself in others and recognise the peaceful and loving nature of those around as well as all the internal patterns that were unresolved.  Bali, "The Island of the Gods" as is called, is unique and gracefully pleasant once you own your truth, but can definitely shake you down if not.  It is through my own experience that I realized  there is so much more to learn, there is so much more to practice, and my journey is shifting maintaining the same principal but much more empowered... 

"I am a healer opened to share my experience, knowledge and practice to overcome difficult moments in life.

I am the bridge for those seeking spiritual knowledge with those teaching.

I am the guide to those practitioners willing to create the most wonderful retreats."


Merging the Western with the Eastern customs, bringing together their teachings, rituals, and understandings I found it to be one of the key ingredients to evolve. If we are willing to embrace our truthful self and respect all living beings, even if we would do this just for 1 hour at a point in our life, it would make a difference in how we perceive our now, our past, and our future.


I've been on this search of fully understanding myself and where I stand as a human being since I was really young. It's hard, discouraging sometimes, as continuous cycles begin and end, knowing more will come. I have tried it all and believe me when I say there is not only one answer, it is all part of the journey, the "good" the "bad" the "sweet" the "sour". The important thing is to keep going, keep trying until you take off all those layers of the onion and when there is nothing else to cry for, resist, fight because your beliefs have no longer the same weight, we are able to see the same, differently.